Encino Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most prevalent type of bankruptcy case in the United States. Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases start with an initial consultation where the Clients are able to sit down with the attorney and discuss their finances and review the available options. The Clients will begin the process by meeting with an experienced attorney to review their financial situation. During the consultation, the Clients and the attorney should discuss the Clients’ finances in dept. Most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases last approximately 100 days and at the end the Clients’ personal liability for the debts is discharged. In order to successfully file a Chapter 7 case, Clients must “qualify” under the Means Test. In the initial consultation, the attorney will review the Clients’ income to determine whether the Clients are candidates for Chapter 7.


There are many complicated issues that can arise in a Chapter 7 case – far beyond whether the Clients “qualify” under the Means Test. Assets, past financial history and a myriad of other factors can impact a bankruptcy filing. It’s essential to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney thoroughly review the Clients’ finances and documentation prior to filing to ensure a smooth bankruptcy case.

If Chapter 7 is the correct option, then the case normally takes 90-100 days from start to finish. All eligible debts are discharged (most debts other than recent income taxes, student loans, domestic support obligations, and a few other rare types are dischargeable in Chapter 7).

Everyone that files bankruptcy in Los Angeles will have to attend one hearing under oath (known as the 341 Meeting of Creditors). The 341 Meetings are held at 725 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, Ca 90017. The purpose of the meeting is for a bankruptcy Trustee to examine the Clients under oath and ask them questions about their finances. The Clients’ attorney will be with them and represent them at the 341 Meeting. To learn more about the 341 Meeting, click here.

At the end of the bankruptcy case, the Clients are debt free .

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