Aug 14

How To Save On Gas In Encino


When I first got my driver’s license, gas in Encino was $1.25 per gallon. Needless to say, times have changed. Here in California, especially in the greater Los Angeles area, cars are a necessity. The average LA household drives about 13,000 miles per year and uses about 650 gallons of gas. At current gas prices, that costs each household about $2600.00 per year on gas alone. That’s no small amount of money. Here are some strategies for saving on gas in Encino:

Use technology to help find the lowest prices on gas. These days we all have smartphones and there are some great apps for finding the cheapest gas close to you. One great example is gas buddy (iTunes Link, Google Play Store Link). Gas buddy provides up to date info on the cheapest gas near you. The current lowest gas prices in Encino are:

  • The Shell station at 17660 Burbank Blvd Encino, Ca 91316. This Shell is on the corner of Burbank blvd and White Oak, right next to the Trader Joe’s. Prices for regular are $3.89/gallon currently.
  • The Shell station at 16801 Ventura Blvd Encino, Ca 91436. This Shell is on Ventura Blvd right across the street from Mercedes Benz of Encino. Prices for regular are $4.05/gallon currently.
  • The 76 station at 16900 Ventura Blvd Encino, Ca 91316. This 76 station is on the corner of Ventura and Balboa – you can’t miss it if you’re coming down Ventura planning to get on the 101 freeway at Balboa. Prices for regular are $4.09/gallon currently.

Use reward programs to get instant cash discounts on gas. Vons has a gas rewards program that can save you money at the gas pump. If you use your Vons reward card when buying groceries, you can then key in your phone number at Chevron stations to get an instant discount based on the Vons rewards you’ve built up. For every $100 spent on groceries you get 100 points, which translates to a 10 cent discount on your fill-up with a maximum discount of twenty cents per fill-up. Ralph’s has an identical program with Shell stations. If you combine these grocery store discounts with the gas buddy lowest price gas above, you can maximize your gas savings. Costco is another option, but unfortunately there isn’t a Costco gas station in Encino. The closest Costco with a gas station is in Van Nuys (6100 Sepulveda Blvd Van Nuys, Ca 91411) which make the drive cost prohibitive. But if you’re in the area anyway, Costco’s gas prices are hard to beat – they currently stand at $3.79/gallon for regular.

Lastly, there are well known driving strategies to increase fuel economy that can help save on gas as well. Keeping the air pressure in your tires properly inflated, being light on the accelerator, driving the speed limit (your gas mileage decreases by about 15% for every 10mph above 55mph), and trying to reduce Air Conditioner usage can all help improve gas mileage.

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