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Bankruptcy Law Center, APC is a premier Southern California Bankruptcy Firm. We have offices throughout Southern California. Our firm provides the experience and expertise normally reserved for “big law” firms while still maintaining the individual attention and customer service of a boutique firm. As a client of Bankruptcy Law Center, you will get the best of both worlds – experience and individual attention. Every member of our team has a genuine desire to help people with debt relief and we all love what we do. We are primarily a consumer bankruptcy law firm (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases), but we also offer related services such as debt settlement, creditor lawsuit defense, and FCRA/FDCPA (Credit Report) related litigation services. (Credit Report) related litigation services.

Our Team

Supervising Attorney: Scott N. Orona, Esq.

Bankruptcy Attorney Orona

Attorney Scott Orona has been a lawyer for over 27 years. Mr. Orona began his career gaining extensive trial experience. For the last 24 years Mr. Orona has focused his legal career on bankruptcy and real estate law. From 1993 to 2000, Mr. Orona was the legal counsel for the current standing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee David Skelton. While acting in the capacity as the trustee´s attorney he conducted 341 (meeting of the creditors) examinations and reviewed thousands of bankruptcy petitions. Due to working as the legal counsel for the current Chapter 13 Trustee, he completely understands the inner workings of that office and understands the requirements to get a case confirmed. Mr. Orona also possesses a Real Estate Broker´s license with the California Department of Real Estate. With his combined extensive experience in the field of bankruptcy law as well as his background in real estate, Attorney Scott Orona understands the complex situations many of our potential clients face regarding foreclosures, loan modification programs, and the inner workings of the chapter 13 trustee´s office. Mr. Orona handles and oversees the majority of the Chapter 13 cases that Bankruptcy Law Center filed. His vast bankruptcy law experience as well as his background in real estate law allows him to truly help the majority of our clients who are suffering from foreclosure related issues.

Supervising Attorney: Brian J. McGoldrick, Esq.

Bankruptcy Attorney McGoldrick

Mr. McGoldrick has been a licensed California attorney for over 20 years. He began his bankruptcy career working for a bankruptcy trustee in the Central District of California while he attended Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. While working for the Trustee’s office he worked on and helped administer thousands of bankruptcy cases. This experience working in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee’s office allowed him to see every type of bankruptcy case filed and allowed him to sharpen his expertise with regards to his bankruptcy cases. After passing the bar he moved to the Inland Empire where he continued to practice bankruptcy as well as probate law and immigration law. Therefore, he is one of the few bankruptcy attorneys in San Diego County who have a vast experience with the inner workings of the Riverside Bankruptcy Court as well as the San Diego Bankruptcy Court. This experience practicing in the Inland Empire allows him to assist our clients who live in Temecula and other parts of Riverside and San Bernardino County. Mr. McGoldrick has focused almost his entire career on Bankruptcy law and is admitted to practice law in every district in California. Mr. McGoldrick moved to San Diego in 2001 and in that time he has filed over 2,500 bankruptcy cases in the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court (San Diego Bankruptcy Court) and many more in the Central District of California Bankruptcy Court as well.

Supervising Attorney: Ahren A. Tiller, Esq.

Bankruptcy Attorney Ahren Tiller

Attorney Ahren Tiller is one of only three Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialists in San Diego County. He has been recognized by the American Board of Certification as being a Specialist in Consumer Bankruptcy Law. He graduated from the University of California with High Honors receiving admission into the prestigious Golden Key Honors Society. He then attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego receiving his law degree. While there, Mr. Tiller received the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Medal for academic excellence, the Witkin-Cali Award for academic excellence, and was named to the Dean´s List. He graduated law school at an accelerated pace of only two years (usually takes 3 years to graduate). After graduating from law school, Mr. Tiller began working solely in the area of Bankruptcy law and Real Estate law. Furthermore, Mr. Tiller has gained extensive trial experience and has become a skilled trial attorney along with becoming a bankruptcy law specialist. To date Mr. Tiller has yet to lose a trial. This trial experience has given him a strategic advantage over many other bankruptcy lawyers when faced with going to trial regarding an adversarial proceeding in bankruptcy court. He handles all of Bankruptcy Law Center´s adversarial proceedings or complex litigated cases. Unlike many of the general area of practice firms, Bankruptcy is the only area of law in which Ahren Tiller and the other lawyers at Bankruptcy Law Center practice. He has worked on over 3000 bankruptcy cases and possesses extensive experience in the field of bankruptcy law. Attorney Ahren Tiller is licensed to practice in the Northern District, Eastern District, Central District, and the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Courts. Attorney Ahren Tiller is a skilled practitioner who has appeared before all of the bankruptcy court judges in Southern California on multiple occasions, therefore if you are faced with debt related issues and looking into filing bankruptcy, he can definitely help.

Attorney: Brett F. Bodie, Esq.

Attorney Brett F. Bodie passed the bar exam on his first attempt (a test that had a 30% pass rate at the time he took it) and has worked exclusively in the field of bankruptcy, debt relief, and related matters since becoming a licensed attorney in 2009. He has personally handled over a thousand Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. To put that in perspective, most small bankruptcy firms handle 5-10 bankruptcy cases per month – so it would take them 8-10 years to see as many cases as he dealt with in three years. He has handled virtually every type of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case an attorney can see. He gained a reputation for excellent quality of work and developed close working relationships with all of the San Diego bankruptcy Trustees.

Brett grew up in the Encino area and attended Crespi high school before eventually going on to obtain a Bachelor’s from UC Santa Barbara and a Law Degree from the University of San Diego. He is an active member in the community and enjoys helping fellow Encino residents get relief from their debt related issues.

Attorney: Carolina Kotzias, Esq.

Carolina Kotzias Tiller was born and raised in Brazil. She graduated with a degree in law from the Pontifice Catholic University of Parana (Brazilian Law School) in 2003, and thereafter became a lawyer in Brazil. Ms. Kotzias graduated at the very top of her law school class. She impressed her law school professors so much that after graduation she was invited to become the youngest law school professor at the University of Tuiuti of Parana. After 2 years of working at the university, Ms. Kotzias Tiller decided to move to Boston, Massachusetts, in order to be closer to her Mother and Sister who were living in the United States at that time. After working in the United States as a medical interpreter for two years in order to perfect her English, Ms. Kotzias Tiller enrolled herself in the New England School of Law, in Boston, MA. While at the New England School of Law, Ms. Kotzias Tiller received the Cali Award for Academic Excellence in Modern Remedies and was placed on the Dean’s List. In May of 2008, Ms. Kotzias received her Master’s of Law Degree (LLM). After earning her Master’s Degree in Law, Ms. Kotzias sat for the California Bar Exam. She passed the California Bar Exam in 2008 and became a California Licensed Attorney (only 21% of all foreign lawyers who sit for the California Bar Exam passed – Ms. Kotzias passed on her first attempt). Ms. Kotzias has focused her entire career in the field of bankruptcy law. She has worked on thousands of bankruptcy cases and is extremely familiar with all five (5) Bankruptcy Judges in the Southern District of California Bankruptcy Court, as well as all nine (9) Chapter 7 Trustees, and both of the two (2) Chapter 13 Trustees. She has developed a great reputation around the local bankruptcy community and is known for diligently advocating for her clients. Carolina Kotzias possesses a passion for the area of bankruptcy law. Her goal is to help every one of her clients get their life back on track and receive a fresh start. Her diligence, intelligence, and great reputation within the bankruptcy community allows her to provide her clients with the best representation possible.

Attorney: Anika Renaud-Kim, Esq.

Attorney Anika Renaud-Kim has dedicated her entire career to the practice of Bankruptcy Law. She graduated at the top of her class from California Western School of Law, Since becoming a lawyer Attorney Anika Renaud-Kim has worked only in the field of Bankruptcy law. In doing so she has worked on over a 1000 bankruptcy cases on behalf of her clients. The majority of the Bankruptcy Cases she works on are Chapter 13’s and in doing so has gained extensive experience with the Chapter 13 Trustees’ offices in both the Central and Southern Districts of California Bankruptcy Courts. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and diligent in her representation of her clients. If you have a bankruptcy related issue in Southern California ranging from an upside down property, repossession, or foreclosure, then Ms. Renaud-Kim is definitely able to assist you.

Of Counsel: Christian Spaulding, Esq.

Attorney Christian Spaulding has been practicing for seven years, most of which have been spent as a consumer bankruptcy attorney. He attended Chapman University and holds a B.S. in Accounting. He graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the Wall Street Journal Student Business Award. Christian went on to attend Chapman University School of Law on a merit scholarship. During his time at Chapman University School of Law, Christian was a member of the Chapman Law Review and graduated with an emphasis in tax law. He passed the bar exam on his first attempt and began his career as a trial attorney for the County of Orange. He currently works as a consumer bankruptcy attorney and is the principal attorney at Spaulding Law Group.

Reasonable Attorney’s Fees

One of the most common concerns people have about bankruptcy is how they will afford to pay for it.  After all, if they had a few thousand dollars extra, they wouldn’t be thinking about bankruptcy in the first place.  This is normal an expected.  We have flexible, low cost payment plans and we are committed to reasonable fees to make sure we are very affordable compared to the competition.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t thank the entire staff at Bankruptcy Law Center enough! From the first day I went to the firm I knew that everyone there actually cared and finally felt like I had a plan to fix my situation. They made the process easy and everything went really smooth and now it’s all behind me! Thank you!!

Avvo 2013 Client’s Choice Award Winner